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NextEdit Online Website Editor

Welcome to NextEdit’s Reseller Program!

Please bookmark or print these pages for your records since they explain how our Reseller program works, including setting up your customer accounts, ensuring accurate billing, and tracking results.

NextEdit is an easy-to-use, web-based HTML editor that is delivered as a service. Non-technical users can update the pages of a website using this tool.

Many web developers utilize NextEdit as a part of their own service, allowing their customers to perform simple updates to their sites on their own, without requiring technical intervention. Customers enjoy "being in the driver's seat" and developers do not suffer from constant and uneconomical interruptions for minor website changes.

NextEdit resellers pay a discounted, per-domain price to provide the use of our service to their customers and are free to either bundle it with their other support services or charge separately at any rate they choose.

Reseller customers access the service website under a customized subdomain and see the reseller's logo on the web page, so reseller brand identity is consistent to your users.

In addition to regular reseller relationships, NextEdit has Joint Venture marketing partners, which are similar to affiliate sales efforts, as well as institutional customers, who utilize the service to provide internal "customers" (employees) the ability to update organization websites or mini-sites.