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How To Beat The Bounce Rate in Email Marketing

June 23, 2018

Brands are now sending messages and promotions on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but it does not make email marketing any less powerful than it is. In fact, social media has become a toxic platform where everybody else posts rants and politics opinion. Thus, email has become our go-to place whenever we feel social pressure amongst the chaos.

To finally take control and beat the bounce rate in email marketing, here are the four ways you can do about it.

  1. Never buy lists

When you are just starting, you are tempted to buy lists or leads where you can get multiple email addresses in an instant. Hence, as the beginner in email marketing, buying lists will affect your reputation and expect a higher bounce rate, since receivers are aware that they do not actually subscribe on you.

  1. Utilize a double opt-in

Many brands are afraid to implement a double opt-in to their email marketing, for they think that they will lose numbers of subscribers. Fret not, using a double opt-in is actually good for maintaining quality leads and potential customers to your business. Receivers who do not response to your double opt-in simply means that they are not the right people or not interested in what you are actually delivering to their emails.

This will allow you to focus on interested receivers and potential customers and you have a higher chance to increase your conversion rate.

  1. Add a captcha to subscriber form.

Including a captcha code to your subscriber form prevents you to have spam bots. In addition to that, captcha can be an eye-rolling pain for the consumers since anyone can include the email addresses of their friends to your form, in this way you are sorting out those people who are serious to get updates from you rather than having a massive list of not interested audiences.

  1. Provide a professional tone

People usually put you to the blacklist if they noticed some grammatical errors and broken links within your email, it makes them realize you are a spam. It’s highly recommended to personalize each message you send through email marketing. Implementing these actions to get rid of higher bounce rate in email marketing is important regarding the long-term viability of your business.

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