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Roles of Double Opt-In In Email Marketing

October 28, 2018

In the email marketing process where the double opt-in is included, you can expect two important things: the email address is valid and the recipient is active in monitoring the email.

What’s the purpose of double opt-in?

It is the process wherein the recipients will verify if they have requested and more than willing to receive any content campaign that you will send for email marketing purpose.

How does it work?

Once a follower subscribes to your mailing list, they will automatically receive a confirmation message. The message includes a link whereas they need to click “Yes” if they want to receive updates and emails from you. Moreover, if the recipient has decided not to confirm their subscription, they will not receive emails from you.

What happens when people do not click the double opt-in?

If people don’t click the confirmation link, it simply shows that they are not the right type of audiences you should target. You are just wasting time sending emails to these people.

To get rid of higher bounce rate in email marketing, take the time to list down all the email addresses without confirmation. Take them off your list to give space to other serious subscribers. Other email marketing platforms only offer the free account to handle and send emails up to 200 recipients.

Why should businesses use double opt-in?

Anyone can include their friends and even competitors’ email addresses to your mailing list, it’s best to utilize double opt-in. It requires action from the subscriber, with the use of double opt-in during email marketing, you can attract people to engage with your brand as well as take those followers into active conversion.

You can apply double opt-in to your email marketing manually, but since it’s time- consuming, you may check other email marketing platform that offers this service such as MailChimp, Convertkit, AWeber, GetResponse, and Active Campaign.

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