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SEO Points To Cover In Content Campaign

November 1, 2018

There are tons of great posts, online tutorial, and resources about Search Engine Optimization. However, here are the basic and most essential SEO points you must cover when running a content campaign or even blog.

The page title is the most basic thing you should not be worried about. However, many people have forgotten to optimize page title of each published post. Take time to come up with a more optimized title, include a keyword in it that you want to rank.

Meta description improves the click-through rate of your article. Even if the specific article ranked as the fifth result in Google, if your meta description is catchy and informative, the higher chance you will get the attention of potential site viewers. Keep your meta description in an active voice. When writing a meta description always have in mind that the right message will get you the right people you need at the right time for your content campaign.

The third component of SEO for a content campaign is internal links. You can include link building within the article in two ways:

  1. You can make a navigation menu on top of the page or in the middle of the article. Once the menu is clicked, it should be connected to the related topics of a specific article.
  2. Include links within the copy, look for opportunities where you can backlink to the other existing content or pages. Make it appoint when doing the link building for the content campaign, it should look natural not just for the sake of SEO.

Of course, never forget to include images when publishing content. An article without an image is boring. Compress your images before inserting to the article, as huge size of photos can slow down the site speed in which can affect the number of site visitors you may have.

Ignoring these SEO points can drive away site traffic, possible engagement and value to your business. Your efforts in a content campaign without these points are more like losing potential sales conversion.

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